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Mcwain’s Valet Trash Service is a dedicated, dependable, determined company providing elite quality service. Our services make it fast, easy and effective for properties/residents. Our number #1 goal is to take the burden off staff, and the liability from owners and property management/residents.

Our highly trained professional staff will handle all of the door-to-door valet trash needs, 5 nights a week, Sunday to Thursday, as well as recycling.

Mcwain’s Valet Trash Service thrives on being the best in your community.

We understand the responsibilities of exhibiting only the highest standards in representing our clients. The importance of professional and efficient valet services is our number one priority. 

We put waste in the right place.

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MCwain's valet trash service

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We are a dependable, dedicated, and determined company.

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Our staff goes through rigorous screening and training to ensure the highest service for our clients.


Door-to-Door Collection

Door-to-Door Collection

Place your bagged and tied waste into the provided container/personal trash can and place it outside on your doorstep between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM, Sunday through Thursday for pick-up, 5 nights a week. The professional uniformed trash valets will collect all of the community trash and deliver it to the community dumpster or compactor.

two garbage-men on a pick-up


Residents trying to make a positive impact on the earth may choose to recycle. Along with fresh trash bags each night, Mcwain’s Valet Trash provides residents with blue bags for recyclables. Residents simply place their filled recycling bag outside their door, and one of our staff members will pick them up.

Together we can make a difference in the world. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

folded sweaters on a shelf

Clothing Donations Pick Up

Cleaning out your closet just got a whole lot easier. Mcwain’s Valet Trash wants to make donating simple and hassle free for all residents. 

Simply label your bag/box with “donations” and set outside to be picked up from one of our valet porters. Since all these items will be donated, please be sure they are clean and in wearable condition.

a park bench

Grounds Keeping 

Mcwain’s valet trash will make sure the grounds are clear of any objects that look out of place, also in breeze way, parks, parking lots etc. We want to go above and beyond to make sure your property is well-taken care of. We want the residents and property management/owner to leave it up to the professionals to handle all the cleanliness.

We put waste in the right place.

five dogs playing in a dog park

Pet Station Cleanup 

Dog parks are becoming an increasingly popular amenity in communities nationwide.

While these off-leash parks are intended to serve as safe, open areas for pooches to run and play. they can quickly become dirty, and dangerous without continuous upkeep.

Here at Mcwain’s valet trash service. We can help with maintaining doggy parks, our valet porter’s will gladly monitor these great parks. Also, we will make sure it’s clean and always ready for your friendly pets to play and enjoy themselves.

four adults lounging in a living room

Vacancy Cleaning 

When you’re renting out or leasing an apartment, or office, first impressions matters.

While the space is vacant, it’s important to make sure it is presentable to attract new tenants. That’s where Mcwain’s valet service come in. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional services that are customized to accommodate your needs. We got you covered!

When you turn to Mcwain’s valet trash service, you can rest assured you’ll receive leading services from professionals who genuinely care. We take time to create customized plans that incorporate your budget, schedule, and cleaning needs.

four adults lounging in a living room

Junk Removal 

Mcwain’s Valet Trash Services provides junk removal services. We remove your unwanted junk, such as: Sofas/couch, refrigerator, stoves, mattresses, bed frames, washer/dryer’s, dressers, clean-outs etc.

If you need something hauled away please don’t hesitate to contact us for your quote.

Valet Trash Benefits

  • Valet trash collection is a service nearly all residents can take advantage of, unlike a gym or pool at their community.
  • It’s an extremely convenient and appreciated amenity.
  • It can easily be added to current monthly rental dues.
  • Eliminates having to carry trash bags down flights of stairs.
  • Puts an end to having to place trash on the roof of your car or in your trunk and driving it to a centralized dumpster.
  • No trash is left out in the community during leasing hours.
  • Dumpsters are cleaned nightly by uniformed, professional and insured Service Valets.
  • A convenient, time-saving, low-cost service.
  • Crime Deterrent – Service Valets will be on the property the majority of every weeknight, wearing an appropriate uniform to help let residents know that we have been hired by the management company. These valets are there during the evening hours when all other staff members have left for the night.
  • Cleaner community.

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